Monkey Boy Meets the Corn God

by New House

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Recorded, arranged, mixed and produced by Clarke Rigsby (Tempest Recording, Tempe AZ) - New House

Additional recording by Craig Poole (Flo Recordings, Salt Lake City UT) and Mark Wheaton (Catasonic Studios, Los Angeles CA)

Mastered by Nathan James (The Vault Mastering Studios, Inc., Phoenix AZ)


released September 20, 2016

Modern Myth Productions, L.C.
Post Office Box 58084
Salt Lake City UT 84158 USA



all rights reserved


New House Salt Lake City, Utah

Sometimes...all you can do is turn it to 11 and hope for the best.

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Track Name: Out Cold
Alright, then
It's time for you and me
To settle this thing
Once and for all

Dios a mano
Mano a mano
Dios a hombre
Mano a mano

You just gonna sit there?
Are you gonna say anything?
I can't even tell
There's total blankness in your eyes

Look straight down to the bottom
And don't think there's anything there
You gonna say anything?
Or are you just gonna sit there?

Well, go ahead, and be that way then

I alone make you my concern
Never far from where I can turn
Send your agents of compromise
I can stand the horror of your eyes

There's an angel in cold suspense
Took communion from hard cement
There's a garden hidden by a fence
State your terms let's end this argument

Because I have a soul
How do you know that I have a soul?
How can you tell that I have a soul?

When I feel like hell
Track Name: Big Score Pt 1 (feat Nels Cline)
God is wasted God is gray
God is banking on a better day

God is thinking that God's alright
God never runs out of time
God is a rocket God's on fire
Counting the days 'til he retires

God is wisdom God is grace
God is inventing a better race

God takes the cake it tastes divine
God is a crow on a power line
God is blank, yeah God is white
God is a spectator tonite
Track Name: Big Score Pt 2 (feat Nels Cline)
Everything breaks and I get delivered
Everything shakes and I get the sliver
Everything tastes just like chopped liver
Everything breaks and I get delivered

All right, etc.

If you take the hand of faith tonite
You better have an air-tight alibi
Because the game is rigged it's do or die
Turn your cards face up and kill the light

For the big score
For the big score

For the big score, big score wrong or right
Take your chances, dig 'em, it's do or die
For the big score
For the big score
Track Name: Only English Spoken Here
The peso weighs heavy against the dollar
It's visa that's spoken here
It's cold but the priest turns down his collar
There're no confessions to hear

Hide the silver from the yankees
Don't cast your pearls before swine

You order a cerveza but they bring you a beer
It's the language of the conquerors that bends God's ear
There's only English spoken here
Try to hide away until everything's gone

Queda quieta prieta
Pronto va a pasar bien

They're dancing on the heads of angels
But the angels know where they've been
If they keep knocking on the heads of angels
They better take care that the angels let them

Order a cerveza, etc.

There's plenty to see here amigo
Another show at 9
Don't mind the cripple he just lives here
Don't let it spoil a good time

Hide the silver, etc.

I don't want your sister so you call me a queer
You traded Zapata for Britney Spears
There's only English spoken here
Try to hide away, etc.
Track Name: Naked
Traffic slows down for a dog on the road and I see it
Tried to turn left but a cop's in the way so I beat it
I know something that shows when I fake it
Ear-splitting back-slapping knock-at-the-door so I get it

I'm naked
I'm naked
I'm naked
I'm naked and alone

Coffee's gone cold that I got at the store so I drink it
Six month lease on the bottom floor so I break it
You can't go through life without killing an insect
Blood's on the bone but you can't take it home so you leave it

I'm naked, etc.

Shot down after I was told to fly so I hoof it
Can't spend time with my old friend so I see ya
Sure it hurts but it's always getting better
Closing the gap but I'm not getting nearer to it, ha ha

I'm naked, etc.
Track Name: Sign o' the Times (feat Steve Hunter)
Roads leading somewhere
Away from this town
Signs facing backwards
You don't hear a sound

Left on a corner
As he speeds away
A look in the mirror
Says you're here to stay

When I could speak
Of the things I hold dear
No need for reminder
No falling on deaf ears

Made up our homes
With what you left behind
Borders and foundries
Abandoned mines

Gone away
It's all a waste
You can't stand your ground
When it's giving away

Turning a page
On a wreck of a year
No free love utopia
No golden-hair nymph

Leading an army
Of deserters on parade
Storming the casement
On a one-man crusade

Gone away
It's all a waste
The dreams that you're chasing
Are giving away

Gone away
It's all a waste
You can't stand your ground
When it's giving away
Track Name: Malvado
Amigo, do you believe that a man is capable
Of anything he can hold in his heart, in his hands?
Do you believe that you can know what's in a man's heart
When the shadow of doubt crosses over his eyes?

Amigo, do you believe I'm a good man or a bad?
Do you believe that I can gut you right where you stand?
Well, believe it
Believe it because worse I have done

Malvado, etc.

It's not because I like you or you show me respect
It's not because I mind cleaning up another mess
See, power is a drug with a mind all its own
It really starts to work when you leave it all alone

There's no way I'm ever going to give it up
This time the flame is coming to the moth
But I'd like to think that I can just say no
So before I change my mind take these keys and go

Malvado, etc.
Track Name: Dance of the Drunken Munecas
The hammer is yammering
Find me some pattern
So I fired him against the wall

The hole I keep fixing's
Got the ladder to bitching
Next time he's going to fall

Because it's never as good as it was before
Make up the bed then sleep on the floor
I'm telling you friend he's man overboard

I'm running through the yard
Staring back at Mark
The dogs are barking
The neighbors are talking
The gates are locked

This banded impression
Has led to a session
That's left on the cutting-room floor

These words I keep stealing
They keep me from spieling
It's all been done before

It's never as good as it was before
Invited me then you locked the door
I'm telling you friend he's man overboard

I'm running through the yard
Staring back at Mark
The dogs are barking
The neighbors are coughing
The gates are locked

The dance of the drunken munecas
An offering to the sea
Maybe it was a vacation
Or an offer of amnesty

It's never as good as it was before
Watching the front
While you rob the store
I'm telling you friend he's man overboard

Well, I'm running through the yard
Staring back at Mark
The dogs are barking
The neighbors are laughing
The gates are locked
Track Name: Something
Of all the stupid ideas
This has got to be the worst
I'm a broken wagon wheel
Driven by a teamster's thirst

I will be invited
I will be exposed
I won't blame this father's daughter
For tearing down this road

Because I don't know
No, I don't know

Say a prayer in my direction
Burn the candles low
I want to be remembered
By something I don't own

I don't know, etc.

An eden sea
A need in green
What God has spoken over

I am not the answer
I am just for show
If there's truth behind the fashion
That's something we can know

But the wonder of it is
That I don't wonder at all

I don't know, etc.
Track Name: The Great Highway
On the great highway
I'm driving hard today
I'm going far away

It's hard to say
I can't keep away
From the great highway

There's a price you pay
For living every day
You find a name to say

And a part to play
To keep from running away
To the great highway

On the great highway
Point it straight down the lane
The faces blur and fade

I'm one wreck away
I can't keep awake
On the great highway
Track Name: Monkey Boy Meets the Corn God
Monkey boy's busy
He's making a scratch
He's eking a living
Off a junkie's back

It's a dangerous occupation
Because he doesn't believe
There's anything wrong
With a junkie's needs

So it's off to Mexico
Gonna see what they know
This sorry spectacle
Is way too slow

There's going to be a hot time
In the old town tonite
When the monkey boy monkey boy
Meets the corn god


There's a reason
The good die young
And some mothers
Eat their kids

Cemeteries filled
With good conversation
It's only marriage
That kills

So it's off to Mexico, etc.

A cloud of dust
A pale sunrise
A blue Ford
In front of a church

Angry voices
Come from inside
Someone's got
No business in here

Yeah, I can take a hint
Man, it's way too tight
Hand 'em over here
Let's get it right

You can't be slow, lord
Don't you know
When the monkey boy monkey boy
Meets the corn god