Hard Land

by New House

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8 hard-rocking songs on long-playing vinyl:

Sue's Anne
Jones Town
Hard Land
Sallie Jones
40 Days
Iron Brigade (July 1, 1863)
Big Blue (Jet Airliner)


released September 20, 2015

D. Dalton (acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, trombone, percussion, vocals)
Rich Dixon (electric, acoustic guitars)
Craig Poole (basses)
Rich Sinise (drums)

(c) Modern Myth Productions, L.C.
Post Office Box 58084
Salt Lake City UT 84158 USA



all rights reserved


New House Salt Lake City, Utah

Sometimes...all you can do is turn it to 11 and hope for the best.

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Track Name: Hard Land
A nickle for the fishes that swim before my eyes
They're swimming in a pool that has gone all dry
Better get to heaven in the by-and-by, all right

Swear on what you want I trust this collar of gold
They're going to find your grave and scatter your bones
When the riverman comes you better pay his toll, all right

Take this pardon mine
Pass behind the lines

Little Gracie's gone and caught her death of cold
She's going to die of pneumonia before the week is old
Woman, quit your crying and let go your hold, all right

I'd bite the hand if it ever did feed us
Hunt you down if you ever did leave us
I won't curse the land because it never did need us, no

It's hard to say what's right
Make your run tonight

Here we slaughter and here we stand
Here we presume to stay God's hand
All the pesos to the lucky man
They're hard to hold in this hard land

Harnessed all my troubles to this rusty plow
And I drove 'em off the mountain with the family cow
Tore a new page in the here-and-now, all right

Had a little vision so I said a little prayer
Lord, take your curse off this old man's hair
There's a shooting in my future so I gotta prepare, all right

Days that won't unfold
In the prophet's beard foretold

Here we slaughter, etc.
Track Name: 40 Days
40 days
I just did 40 days
The judge said what I did was wrong

She took my kids
And crossed the State line
Said she was going to start a new life

Well, I'm sinking down
I'm sinking down

40 days
I did another 40 days
For punching my best friend in the mouth

I drank too much
And then I lost my head
I can't remember what it is he said

Well, I'm sinking down, etc.

40 days
I did another 40 days
I took a 6-pack from a local store

Well, I had the dough
So I can't tell you why
I asked the judge for one more try

He said, son, you're sinking down, etc.

Momma, have mercy on me
I've gone and made you cry over me
But not for long

40 years
I just pulled 40 years
Looks like my best intentions were wrong

I'm going to die
In this head of mine
Before they drag my body from these walls

Oh, God, I'm sinking down, etc.
Track Name: Sue's Anne
I rode a little pony in the Easter parade
Momma did my hair back with the barber's pomade
The pictures don't lie, I wished I could die
When my momma did, the pictures found the fire

Sue's Anne
Don't you cry, etc.

I've got a pair of Swarovskis (war surplus grade)
High-resolution (motion activate)
I've got it all down on videotape
And I swear I love you better than your boyfriend Dave

When the super wasn't looking got a copy of your key
Telephone security ain't nothing to me
It smelled so good that I wished I could stay
I'll bet you didn't know I left a present that day

For Sue's Anne, etc.

Got a lock of your hair from your black comb
A pair of your panties when you weren't at home
I've got some dirty pictures for when I'm all alone
Afraid that's not going to cut it no more

Comes a time in the life of every man
Fish or cut bait with the upper hand
No, you can't go I've got something to say
But if you promise to be good I'll take the handcuffs away

From Sue's Anne, etc.